Professional support when you need it most

Extraordinary team of solicitors and professional advisers are available 24/7 and 365 days a year at your disposal.


Get instant cover from only £1.44 a week

Protecting your best interest by representing you at SIA license appeals, disciplinary, misconduct hearings as well as at coroners court.


Specialist support

Specialist services provided to defend you in police stations and courts against any allegations of criminal offences including traffic offences.


For you and your family

A range of free grants available to help you and your family when you need it most.


Get instant cover from only £1.44 a week

Discounts from more than 3,000 vendors from daily shopping to fuel. 50% off at over 7,000 restaurants, cafés and pubs.


We treat you VIP style

VIP Airport Business Lounge access across the world with your membership and many more business class exclusive member benefits.

SIU Membership: A must-have!

In addition to providing excellent services to our members; a top priority for SIU is to ensure support and protection for them too. One major issue is that of criminal proceedings as this can jeopardize your licence or breach your employer's code of conduct putting your employment at risk. It is for exactly this reason that we have retained excellent network of Solicitors on behalf of SIU Members. They are specialist crime and regulatory practice who have extensive experience in providing representation to security industry personnel. SIU Membership gives you access to their services 24/7 365 days a year. Join SIU today! Click here for full list of SIU Member benefits.

Most of the time you may be operating as a lone worker; so it is crucial that you fill in your details on the Emergency Contact card that is provided in this Pocket Book and carry it with you at all times along with your SIU Membership Card.

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