SIU Membership Benefits

Professional Body that protect your rights, licence, job, income and reputation.

SIU membership subscription fee can be claimed as an expense under professional fees for the self employed for tax purposes. If you are employed you can claim tax relief for your subscription.

SIU Member Benefits*

ON and OFF DUTY Cover

Solicitors on Call; 24/7, 365 Day a Year

24 hour Member Assistance Hotline for Urgent and Non-urgent Matters

Access to SIU Group Insurance Scheme

24 hour e-mail Support

Police Station Advice & Representation

Magistrates’, Crown and Sheriff Court Advice & Representation

Traffic Law Advice & Representation

Payment of Speeding and Parking Penalties Both On or Off Duty**

SIA Licence Appeal Advice & Representation

Access to Airport VIP Lounges Worldwide

Assistance for Allegation of Wrongful Arrest

Misconduct Hearings Advice & Representation

HCPC FTP Hearing Advice & Representation

Full portfolio and on-line CPD building

Employment Tribunal Advice & Representation

Personal Injury Claims Advice & Representation

Non-complience of TUPE Law Advice & Representation

Unfair Dismissals Advice & Representation

Advice for Holiday Pay Issues

Assistance on Unpaid Wages & Recovery

Expert Witness Provision

Personal and Criminal Injury Claim Assistance

Advice on Pay, Disciplinary and Grievance

Assistance for Illegal Discrimination

Assistance for Actions Against the Police such as: Assault, Unlawful Arrest, False Imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution, Misfeasance in Public Office, Trespass to Property or Goods, Negligence, Breach of Human Rights, Racial Discrimination

Access to SIU Members Welfare Benefit

Professional Mediation

Discounted Insurance Products for both Business and Personal

Access to SIU's Discounted Equipment Store

VIP Pass for all SIU Events

Top up courses & Seminars

SIU Newsletter & Magazine

Full Access to SIU Forums

Confidential Advice and Support

Accountancy Telephone Advice

Access to Special Discounts and Offers

Campaigning and Lobbying

Mentoring & CV Service

Access to Job Opportunities

Up to 50% Funded Training Courses

Priority Seat on Free Courses and Seminars

SIU Member Pack

SIU Membership Card

Unlimited Personal Business Cards

Campaigning with SIU

SIU Members Referral Scheme

Access to SIU Competitions

Excellent Networking Opportunities

SIU Travel Club

*All SIU membership benefits are discretionary and subject to our terms and conditions.

**You must have an advanced driving qualification such as IAM or ROSPA, or a recognized emergency driving qualification from Police, Fire or Ambulance services.

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