Eligibility for SIU Membership

To join SIU, at least one of the following applicable to you;
- working in the Private Security Industry
- working or volunteering for a Private or Public Emergency Services
- working or volunteering for a Private or Public Law Enforcement Agency
- working or volunteering for Armed Forces including Cadets
- SIA Registered
- first aid or clinical trainer
- HCPC Registered
- full time student
- have an active interest in the Security Industry, Law Enforcement, Forces or Emergency Services either as a student or setting up to provide services as a self-employed individual or director
- spouse of an active SIU member

- If the above do not apply, you can still join SIU if you are referred by an SIU member

- Police Service employees who wish to join SIU must also belong to their designated trade union or the Police Federation

SIU Offer

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