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  • Free Security Dog Handler Professional Indemnity, Public Liability insurance subject to 3 years’ experience with a maximum of £35,000 annual income, please contact us if you do not fit the criteria. If you do not fully understand these terms and conditions or require any further information, please contact the Broker; Mr Mark Bower, Senior Wright Ltd by email or call on 0207 6805741
  • Free Security Dog Handler insurance £5million cover subject to acceptance
  • SIU Membership provides you with a unique group of services where the benefits make the membership cost-neutral
  • Apart from insurance products; SIU member benefits are discretionary, and you will only be eligible for member benefits under your current membership category as per SIU’s discretion. SIU has the right to amend, remove or add new benefits
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Security Dog Handler Annual Membership
Security Dog Handler Insurance as part of the main policy subject to acceptance
Drug Detection Dog Handler Insurance as part of the main policy subject to acceptance

*All SIU membership benefits are discretionary and subject to our terms and conditions.

**At request; minimal admin charge apply.

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